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How do you do? My name is Trent Clark and I am a wardrobe artist. I design and create custom wardrobes and images for successful individuals. My niche over the past 2 decades has been dressing gentlemen, however, I do have the master tailors with the capacity to construct custom ladies garments. I welcome the opportunity to build your personal brand.

It’s the eyes of others and not our own which ruin us. If all the world were blind except myself, I should not care for fine clothes.

3 Raving Fans

I’ve been a loyal customer of Trent for nearly 20 years. The quality workmanship of his suits and shirts is just exquisite. But more importantly, his attention to detail and customer service is second to none. I would highly recommend Trent to anyone looking for a custom tailor. You won’t be disappointed.

Ricardo Echeverria

Trial Attorney

I wouldn’t go as far as Oscar Wilde by saying ‘a man’s first duty is to his tailor’, but after having Trent being accountable for my wardrobe/image for over 25 years, I would have to say he’s high on my advisors list.

Robert C. Davidson, Jr.


I recommend Trent Clark unequivocally. Trent’s style can best be described as what Alan Flusser calls “permanent fashion”–a classic look that is subtly updated and individualized. The cut of his suits flatters the male physique–with more definition than the Brooks Brothers sack suit but stopping short of the tighter and shorter fit of the Italian style. Trent strikes the perfect balance by creating a look that is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. 

Mardiros H. Dakessian

Tax Attorney
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