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My husband and I are delighted with the
clothes you made for him. His suits, prior to
meeting you, are from Gieves & Hawkes on
Savile Row in London. They never brought
him the same compliments!
So thank you from both of us“

Margaret Black
Senior Vice President
Major Financial Institution


“Trent is my good luck charm. I find myself looking
forward to meeting with Trent quarterly so I can
freshen up my closet. He adds a sense of style and
elegance to my wardrobe that appeals to my
colleagues, counterparts, and peers.“

F. Darras
Trial Attorney


“I have been a client of Trent Clark since 1993. During this time Trent 
has upgraded the quality of my business attire and has helped me to 
customize my shirts, suits and ties to the professional look that I always
wanted. I constantly receive compliments about the clothes that I
purchase from Trent from clients and co-workers; also from strangers
as I am walking in downtown Los Angeles. Trent’s classy and friendly
manner is also a big plus in selecting fabrics and colors. I am pleased 
with Trent Clark as my clothier and would recommend him to any man
that wants to improve the quality and service of his wardrobe.“

Michael Suter
Vice President
Corporate Insurance Broker



The three piece suits that you’ve made for Burt 
are absolutely beautiful. It never fails that when he is 
wearing one of your suits, he will receive compliments
on the style, the fit, the fabric or the overall quality of
the suit. The downside to having these beautiful suits
made is that all of Burt’s off-the-rack suits pale in 
comparison! There is nothing like having a suit tailor
made to fit perfectly.“

Nancy Decker Holland
Major Financial Institution



“The wardrobe management system is an extremely
valuable and unique service. Initially, I wasn’t sure
about someone else maintaining and coordinating
my wardrobe. However, after implementing the 
wardrobe management system, it has proven to be 
effective and smart. I can’t imagine how I operated 
without it before it was put in place.

I have enjoyed the system for the past five years. 
From that point on, I could rest assured that I would 
always be impeccably dressed.

The system also saves me an immeasurable amount
of time daily, and especially before a business trip.

In addition, it is a pleasure dealing with Upper Echelon.
Trent is always accessible and his middle name is 

R.C. Davidson, Jr.
Business Owner